Adis Buan Resort

Adis Buan Resort is located in Kampung Segong, Singai Bau.  The main attractions of this resort is that all of the houses and facilities was built by the owner, Mr Disel Gonyeh himself. The Owner .


Besides that,the serine view of nature will capture the heart of the visitors.

How to get there

From the city of Kuching, it will take approximately of 45 minutes to reach
Adis Buan. Since Adis Buan is a remote village there is no bus service or any other public
transportation serving the route.

The only available transportation is taxi which can be booked from the city center. The local taxi will charge RM50 to RM100 for one way transfer from Kuching to the place.

One of the focal attraction in Adis Buan Resort is the river that were situated near the resort.
Adis Buan Resort also provide bamboo raft for those who would loved to experience bamboo rafting. Besides that, jungle tracking trails and guides are also provided for the nature thrill seekers.
The resort is a very simple place where there is fresh water river and the natural environment to enjoy. It’s nice simple place to enjoy the nature while barbecuing.

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