Wind Cave


The Wind Cave is about 3 km away from Bau Town and one km from Krokong Road.


Historical Information

Its smooth, tubular limestone cave was formed during the Jurrassic-Cretaceous period, roughly 60 million years ago. Excavations by early explorers such as Beccari in 1865 have shown that the Wind Cave was inhabited until recent times. Earthenware vessels, charcoal and pieces of marine and freshwater shells were found. The deep pits within the cave may have been made by gold prospectors in the 1930’s.



Geographical Features

The Wing Cave is known as Lubang Angin among the locals named after the constant cool breeze that blows throughout the cavern with a subterranean stream that runs through the cave which frequently has a draught of air emerging from it.  It is a limestone cave with stalagmites, stalactites, pillars, conical cavities separated by blade-like pinnacles of limestone, limestone pendants hanging from the roof of the cave passage, and current scallops which have a honeycomb appearance and indicate the direction of the water flow.  The cave is beside the Sarawak Kiri River



Cave exploration and 100 rock-climbing routes are facilitated with plank walk, Baruk like huts and toilets in the area. The international rock-climbing destination is chargeable with an entrance fee of RM1.00.



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