Serikin Weekend Market

Kampung Serikin

The kampung is located about 15 km from Bau town and 80 km from Kuching city famous for week-end market to local tourists.

Ethnic Group: Bidayuh – People of Serikin, or Birikin they call themselves Bijagoi.


Serikin Weekend Market – synonymous for its cheap handicrafts and also colourful fabric. It is increasingly popular with both local and tourist alike. The stalls at the market are mostly operated by Indonesian traders who come every Friday evening to set up their stall for the following day. These stalls of makeshift structure offered variety of colourful fabric ornamental wood carving rattan handicrafts and many more.


Services such as reflexology and traditional massage are also available.

The border to Indonesia can be reached by a bike-ride (called ojek) of 15 minutes via Jalan Gajah from Serikin.



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