Fairy Caves


The Fairy Cave is about 8 km from Bau Town using Krokong Road. The main entrance to the cave is approximately 30 metres above the road with a concrete stairs of 83 steps and two flights of wooden stairs climb to the entrance platform.


Historical Information

It has no anthropological importance, but it is a religious site for the Chinese. There are numerous shrines varying in sizes from simple natural formations to a large shrine and an altar from the cave entrance to the interior Fairy Cave possesses unusual stalactites and stalagmites formed over thousand of years, named after Buddhist deities, still being worshipped as indicated by the burning joss sticks. 



The cave is known as Gua Kapur to the Krokong Bidayuh. Legend related that there was a settlement known as the Kampung Kapur near the Fairy Cave who still practiced the Adat Lama Bidayuh. They would hold gawai to cure the sick or celebrate festivals whenever there was a need.

Geological Features

A limestone cave has many small dark passages from the entrance platform to a Daylight Chambers. The cavern is 130 metres long and 70 metres wide with a height of 65 metres with human like stalagmites and stalacites. The floor is compacted with fine silt sediment, strewn with boulders. Daylight enters from a large opening in the cliff facing to the south. The floor has covered vegetation in the central area. Slightly towards the east, there are swiftlets nests above with a guano mound on the floor.



The Fairy Cave area comes under the Krokong village committee made up of 17 smaller villages mainly Bidayuhs who are ancestral custodians of the cave area.  The annual Rock On Festival is organised in the locality with lots of food, drinks and music.



Homestays are available at Peros village 5 km away from the climbing area which also provide transportation to and from the crag areas. It cost MYR 65 per person and this includes breakfast and dinner. Bookings must be done at least a day earlier by calling 082 450378.


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