Borneo Tribal Village


Borneo Tribal Village (BTV) kampung stay is a recreation of the ancient tribal Borneo village featuring a typical village of the Bidayuh built according to traditional designs with an environmentally-friendly ambiance, and depicts a simple life in a natural rural setting.


It is planned to give visitors a sample of the Bidayuh architecture, fruit trees, herbs and shrubs, handicraft, wild orchids and pitcher plants and sample of local and foreign bamboo species, all of which have significant roles to play in the Bidayuh culture, tradition, way of life and beliefs.


Among the facilities available are a block of 2½-storey longhouse with seven standard rooms and seven deluxe rooms, with separate toilets and bathrooms, a unit of Tribal House with separate bathrooms and toilets and a fire place, a block of motel with four rooms, air conditioned and with separate bathrooms and toilets.

There are also ample space for camping and an open ground for open air activities, a tribal farm hut, tribal hunting hut, tribal resting shed and traditional bamboo pipes bathing place.




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